No. Particulars No. of books
1 Moral 158
2 Spiritual 48
3 G.K. 77
4 Story 542
5 Novel 310
6 Encyclopadia 33
7 Biography 148
8 Teachers guide 67
9 Activities chart 100
10 Reference Book 3105
Total 4588
11 Monthly Magazines 15
12 News papers (Daily) 3
  • Given the literacy and comprehension challenges facing schools in this decade — especially those presented by the new information landscape — we need libraries and librarians now more than ever
  • Despite the widespread notion that the Internet can replace library collections, there are times when it resembles
  • Our school have provided teachers with a robust professional development experience in effective searching, both staff and students are often unaware of the ways they can improve their results utilizing functions like the exact phrase search, domains and other features
  • Our school hope to improve the comprehension skills of our students — teaching them to infer, interpret and synthesize — longstanding school research practices such as topical research represent a major obstacle to the growth of skills.